Project Management
Project management is the link between creative thought, engineering innovation and reality. In order to translate engineering creativity into a portfolio of standardized and validated technologies, project leaders facilitate timely execution of activities utilizing a variety of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques. RIBO uses five key principles to manage each project from initiation to completion:

Plan and Document
At the beginning of each project, RIBO experts work to clearly understand and document the customer's stated expectations and then anticipate and document the customer's unstated expectations. This establishes a foundation for quality, cost and deliverables.

Lead Cross-Functional Teams
Establishing and leading cross-functional project teams combines the expertise of project management, product engineering, materials management, quality, account management and manufacturing engineering.

Adapt to Customer Requirements
Cross-functional project teams respond promptly to customer change requests with information about feasibility and overall impact on quality, cost and project deliverables.

Meet Project Goals
Weekly team meetings and periodic review by RIBO and customer management manages project progress and ensures that project goals are met.

Learn from Experience
Ongoing review of each project, using a globally networked database, enables RIBO to continuously improve.

At RIBO, there is pride in its solid project management methodology and the commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

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