Free Tips For All Motorists To Save Fuel - Beat the Price Rises due to VAT and Duty!

The price of petrol and diesel looks set to rise as 2011 continues. But there are ways for drivers (UK and abroad) to beat the recent rises. And no investment is needed. provides free information to consumers to help them beat the rising pump prices.

VAT + fuel duty + oil price rises. Recently the price of petrol and diesel has been going up due to these factors. But there are ways for drivers to improve their fuel efficiency, which will offset the price rises. has been established since January 2008. Thousands of people have visited the website for advice. In January 2011 it has undergone an update to improve the content further. There has also been tweaks to the design and efforts to improve the loading time. Providing an all-round better experience for visitors.

Efforts are now being made to push the information out there further. But is it worth people visiting? Can savings really be made to offset the VAT, duty and oil price increases. The answer is YES. The website has over 20 individual tips. A few do require some financial outlay, but the majority are completely free and can be put into action immediately.

The hope is that more and more people will visit the website so save themselves cash. We aren't trying to save the planet, or turn people against the Government. The aim of the website is simply to keep a little bit more cash in peoples pockets.

Thanks to simple things such as altering driving style, , motorists can make an instant impact on their MPG. And by 'simple', such tips really are incredibly simple! We all get into habits in everything we do in life, the way we drive is no different. Paying attention to your driving style to put these subtle changes into action can soon change your habits, saving money over the long-term.

With a few spare hours at the weekend efforts to maintain the car, and reduce the vehicles weight can also result in improvements in MPG. . Once again it requires no financial outlay, and only a short amount of time. Over the long-term financially it will be worth it.

With inflation pushing up, the unemployment figure rising and less pay rises for those in work, it is well worth trying to save money at any opportunity. And the car is a great place to start. With the help of Save-Petrol and a small amount of effort on the motorists side a lot of cash can be saved. We very much look forward to continuing to do that over the next 12 months.

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