Kanban Management
March 21, 2011
Introduction• Kanban means 'Display card', Signal, 'visible record' or 'Instruction card' in Japanese. • Kanban "Card or other device" and systems are used to synchronize the flow of parts in systems (often manufacturing and assembly) where many different parts come together at various points in a long and often complex process. • This system communicates demand for work or materials from the preceding station • It is a Paperless production control system where au...
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Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean
March 17, 2011
By Kenji Hiranabe A Kanban is a physical card used in Toyota Production System (TPS) to support non-centralized "pull" production control. It has spread to the manufacturing industry all over the world as a tool of Lean Manufacturing. Now in Agile software development the visualization of projects, such as posting task cards on a wall, is a commonly seen practice, which is sometimes called "Software Kanban", or "Task Kanban". Now we even see some product maintenance teams utilizing Kanban sys...
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Kanban Systems
March 17, 2011
Kanban (kan-ban) - Theory and Practice Introduction The concept behind lean manufacturing tool is to reduce costs in high volume production lines. One-way to do this is to smooth and balance material flows by means of controlled inventories. Translated as signal this allows an organization to reduce production lead-time, which in turn reduces the amount of inventory required. In order to determine optimum system designs, research often uses simulation to determine the number of Kbn...
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