JIT Production/JIT Logistics
November 22, 2021
Basic Definitions• Marketing Logistics • Logistics Engineering • Industrial Logistics • Business Logistics • Logistics Management • Integrated Logistics Management • Logistics pipeline Management What kinds of organizations employ logistics managers?Business Logistics Scope Of Activities• Transportation • Storage • Packaging • Materials Handling • Order Processing • Forecasting • Operation Planning • Purcha...
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JIT Promotion Project
December 02, 2021
Edited by Warren HarrodQ. When a company decides to introduce the Toyota Production System (TPS) into their company, it's very important that the management take the leading role in the project. What kind of role does the management play and how should they support the implementation of the project?A. Before introducing various Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques, there must be a big JIT project. The top management must be aware of the risks that we are experiencing right now. For instance, because of...
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Production Scheduling Systemization
December 02, 2021
By Kuniyoshi TakahashiQ. At our company we have an expert scheduling supervisor who has many years of experience and it is his production schedules that we carry out. However, the production scheduling supervisor will be approaching retirement in one or two years. Because the production scheduling and operational details are enormous, trying to teach this information to the younger people who will succeed him is close to impossible so we are investigating implementing a computer system to system...
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