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Troubleshooting Anti-Theft System
February 21, 2011
Anti-theft systems are designed to deter auto theft. Most do a pretty good job of doing just that. But anti-theft systems also cause a lot of annoying problems when they act up. Your car might not start. Or, the system may suddenly kill the ignition while you are driving, causing your car to stall. Or, the alarm may go off when you open the door with the key and not shut off. Or the alarm may go off for no apparent reason.  Anti-theft system Factory installed anti-theft systems are u...
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Diagnosing a Car Battery That Runs Down
February 21, 2011
You go to start your car and discover the engine won't crank because the battery is dead. Now what? You get somebody to give you a jump start, or you connect the battery to a charger and charge it up until it has enough juice to start your engine.The next morning you go to start your car again, and the same thing happens. The battery has run down and the engine won't crank. What is wrong? Fig 1. The battery has run down and the engine won't crank. WHY A CAR BATTERY RUNS DOWNA car battery ...
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Automotive Power Centers, Fuses & Relays
February 21, 2011
Power Centers are all about power. Not horsepower but routing electrical power through the various circuits and accessories in the vehicle's electrical system. Think of the Power Center as a fuse box on steroids. And because it is the heart of the entire electrical system, you can use it as a handy access point for checking circuit voltages, resistance and continuity. Compared to the random locations of fuses and relays throughout the electrical system in older vehicles (those built up until ...
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