RIBO supports the belief that a cohesive society is an essential foundation for business success, and that companies thrive with healthier, better-educated and more productive people. We believe that making corporate contributions is the best way to show employees and neighbors that we care about them, their families and their future.

Spirit of giving
RIBO's community relations efforts support education, the environment, social services and leadership development. Our philanthropy and charitable giving addresses community needs through financial grants and employee volunteer programs.

The Foundation supports education through donations to public and private higher education institutions, adult education programs, and education-related organizations. To promote higher education for children of its employees, the RIBO Foundation has a scholarship program that awards those who demonstrate a balance of academic achievement, leadership and civic involvement.

Health and Social Services
Operating support for organizations in the health and social services category largely occurs in communities where RIBO has a local presence and is directed through contributions to United Way.

Sharing time and talent
We recognize that volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen both our employees and our local communities. We're very proud that our employees are generous with their time and energy for a variety of organizations.

Community Involvement Program
The Community Involvement Program (CIP) is a dedicated, collaborative, and highly visible employee effort that brings together a diverse group of volunteers focused on strengthening our local communities.

Supporting global communities
Blue Sky Involve, our volunteer program, encourages employees to form volunteer groups that work with local organizations to support environmental stewardship and leadership development projects.

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